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Engineering Wing

(i) Permission for cutting of Roads :

Whenever application is received for permission to cut the Municipal Roads, Platforms field inspection is to be done to assess the damages that may have caused to the roads and charges are collected proportionately from the applicant. Municipal authorities are also competent to insist for payment of past arrears of Property Tax etc, before the permission is granted.

Application is to be submitted to the Executive Engineer, Pondicherry Municipality.

Permission will be given within a fortnight after payment of Road cutting charges.

The rate of Road cutting charges per square metre are as follows:-
Earthern Road Soling
C.C. Road Platform C.C.
per sq.m.
per sq.m.
per sq.m.
per sq.m.
per sq.m.
per sq.m.

For new roads 4 times the charges will be collected.

This charges will be revised from time to time.

(ii) Permission for Stacking of Building Materials on Road side:

The application is to be submitted to Executive Engineer, Pondicherry Municipality. The following documents should be attached with the application:-

  • Attested Photostat copy of the permission issued by the Pondicherry Planning Authority.
  • Attested Photostat copy of the permission issued by the Municipality at the rate of Rs.600/- per month for 3 months duration and in case of extension of permission, charges of Rs.300/- per month collected and caution deposit of Rs.2,500/- is also collected.

The site will be inspected within five working days and necessary permission will be issued within the next ten working days after payment of charges by the applicant.

(iii) Public Tap :

The entire water supply system are maintained by Public Works Department. However payment have been made by Pondicherry Municipality for the public taps. Whenever petition is received, the Executive Engineer will inspect the site and proposal will be sent to Public Works Department, if required, within 15 days from the date of receipt of petition.

(iv) Erection of Pandal/ Shamiana :

Application should be submitted in a plain paper by affixing court fee stamp of Rs.1/- with details of breadth and width of the pandal/ Shamiana and number of days required to be in existence. After payment of charge permission will be issued within 5 days by Executive Engineer or Assistant Engineer concerned.