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Veterinary Medical Section

Licensing for Domestic dogs

Pondicherry Municipality is the authorized body to issue licence to pet dogs. Pondicherry Municipality issues licence to pet dogs on requisition by the pet owner after verifying the records for anti-Rabies vaccination. A licencing fee of Rs.150/- is collected. This licence is valid for one year. Every year the licence has to be renewed. Renewal fee of Rs.100/- Pondicherry Municipality also has a proposal to implant microchips to pet animals on need based enquiry.

Stray animal menace

Animal Birth Control (ABC)Operation is performed on stray dogs and are kept under observation for 5 days. Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) is administered and released in the places where they were caught. Presently facilities exist to perform ABC only for 20 dogs per week.

Pondicherry Municipality has authorised Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (SPCA) to catch, perform ABC –ARV operation and relocation at the rate of Rs.445/dogs.

Sanction accorded for 200 dogs in first installment.

Stray Pig & Cattle Catching

Pigs which are allowed to roam around vacant plots and causing public health hazard are caught by employing Pig catchers from neighbouring state, on need basis.

Cattle menace is managed with the help of traffic police

Slaughter House Management

There is only one slaughter houses in Pondicherry Municipality at Attupati.

Sheep, Goat, Bull, Bullocks and Buffaloes are slaughtered in Attupatti slaughter house. Municipal stamp is affixed on the meat after Inspection and sent to market for sale.

Average Number animals Slaughtered,

  • 100 sheep/Goat per day
  • 4 to 5 large animals per day

State Level Committee for slaughter House is formed under the direction of Honorable Supreme Court of India to modernize the existing slaughter house by availing financial assistance from GOI under the scheme “MODERN ABATTOIR”

Awareness campaign on Veterinary Public Health (Zoonotic Disease) in schools.